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Introducing Slam City Vapes

on August 26, 2020

While there are plenty of great UK e-liquid brands, we’ve not seen any that were created in the capital - Slam City is here to change that.

Our boutique range of shortfill e-liquids, curated and perfected in London are here, comprising four fresh and very British flavours. While there’s certainly a place for the simple menthols and tobaccos in today’s market, more and more of us are picking up fruit and dessert flavoured e-liquids than ever. As such, Slam City have created two each in these categories. Interested? Let's introduce you:


Slam Slice - the nostalgic one 

This one combines a juicy and fruity note of cherries with nutty almond and bakes it in pastry. Aromatic notes of cherry hit you the moment you open the bottle, with a fruity and slightly tart note on the inhale, transforming into the creamy richness of almonds and a tangible buttery note on the exhale. If you’ve got a real sweet tooth and want your dessert at all hours, we think you’ll love Slam Slice. 


City Rings - the bakery favourite

If having a treat with your morning coffee is the best part of your day, City Rings could be your next all day vape. It starts off with bold and bright notes of mixed forest fruits, giving a sweet and sour jammy hit on the inhale. On the exhale you’ll experience the light and fluffy taste of donut fresh out of the oven with a smooth hit of chocolate. 


Slam Punch - the summery one 

The first of the fruity duo is Slam Punch, packed with complementary tangy notes, this one will really pep up your tastebuds. The top note combines mouthwatering tones of blackcurrants with the slightly sweeter flavour of raspberry. On the exhale, a tart twist of lime gives Slam Punch a citrussy kick. Perfect for those of you who love fruit but want something a little more astringent than the tropical and super sweet e-liquids. 


City Squeeze - the drink inspired one

Zingy and incredibly satisfying, City Squeeze carries the flavour of freshly squeezed sour oranges served in a glass over ice. A potent citrus note of home-made orange juice comes through in the top notes, followed by the palate cleansing sensation of ice on the exhale. Wonderful for a hot day, or just when you want something a little more crisp and refreshing. 


What is a shortfill e-liquid?

Shortfills have been a thing for a while now and were created to make sure e-liquids were compliant with TPD. Essentially, the regulations state any e-liquid that contains nicotine can only be sold in a maximum 10ml bottle size. Shortfills are zero nicotine and usually come in 50ml servings with enough space up top for a 10ml nic shot. So, you can either vape them as they are without any nicotine, or pop in a nic shot to mix it up to a 3mg strength. 


How to mix a shortfill?

Mixing is super simple. First, you need to crack open your bottle of e-liquid and carefully pop out the nozzle at the top of the bottle. Once you’ve got the bottle open, you can pour in your nic shot. Nic shots come with a few options, you can choose nic salts, freebase or even icy nic shots to give your shortfill of choice a menthol kick. Squeeze the entire 10ml bottle in there, replace the nozzle and bottle lid then shake it all up. Once the bubbles have settled in the bottle, you’re good to vape.